Display garden finished!

Larch arch

We’ve designed and built a display garden for Robert Eynon timberyard, building some unique garden features to show off the timber they sell. These wobbly hardwood posts make a wonderfully effective post and rail fence.

display garden beulah 1

This hand-cut larch arch gives a good view of the curved cedar arch set against sleeper walls clad with Douglas fir.

Display arches


This curved oak decking works well with larch half sleepers arranged as a windbreak fence.

oak decking

This hand-carved, painted arch is an elegant contrast to the weathered elm sleepers forming a stepping stone path through the garden.


display archesQuite a contrast to how it looked before we started!

Disply garden before Beulah

If you’d like to see the garden for yourself, go to Robert Eynon timberyard in Beulah. Make sure you leave time to browse around the lovely timber they have for sale!

2 thoughts on “Display garden finished!

  1. Absolutely stunning!
    I just wish I had the money to have it all!
    Would I have to book to see the garden or may I just turn up?


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