Firepit and lawn

firepit and lawn finished

This garden was started back in muddy March, and a very soggy business it was too! Our blog back in March shows us sliding about in mud as we try to make the firepit.

Firepit pointing

Several days of heavy rain turned this compacted ground into a morass, but we were able to complete the firepit.

firepit ceredigion

First test for the completed firepit – the ventilation holes work perfectly and the fire draws well. This was just as well as we had a lot of brash to burn in it after we had cleared all the undergrowth from this area.


Rotavating in Ceredigion

The soil here is excellent but it was very wet and compacted, so we rotavated several tons of coarse sand in to help with drainage. The word ‘rotavator’, incidentally, is an abbreviation of the words ‘rotary cultivator‘, and is one of the longest single word palindromes in the English language.

Boardwalk ceredigion

The garden also features a boardwalk which leads through a damp area to a gate giving access down to Cwm Tydu beach. Wood would rot quickly in these damp, shaded conditions, so we made the frame from Kedel plastic wood and the boards are Millboard resin ‘weathered oak’. Each board is cast from a genuine piece of oak, and the end result is impressively realistic.


Everything is ready now for the first barbecue of the year!

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