Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow aberporth 2

Wildflower meadow aberporth

Daisies, corncockles and acid red poppies in a wildflower meadow seeded last autumn. We used local topsoil to sculpt the land into flowing shapes around our larch steps, and planted with native wildflowers. Our West Wales rain and then a stunning warm Spring have done the rest!

Steps start


The project began with steps to get from the house to the field above. Sturdy reclaimed telegraph poles give a firm structure for these steps.

Meadow before seeding

Topsoil shaped into banks and mounds add interest to the basic shape of the area


The first green shoots emerged in March

Wildflowers Aberporth

By the end of May the meadow is humming with bees and butterflies. This sunny spot is perfect for a meadow, and next year the perennials will start to flower – cornflower, scabious, vetch, birds-foot trefoil and meadow cranesbill. The larch steps are beginning to weather in the sun, and the soft grey-silver colour is just right as a backdrop for the bright flowers.

3 thoughts on “Wildflower meadow

  1. What are corncockles? I have the daisies and poppies so how about some of the ccs.?
    I love those paths, obviously I am very impressed with it all but I can’t help homing in on what I think would go well in my garden. Also wasn’t all that muddy, hard and occasionally frustrating work well worth it re the fire[it and meadow?


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