Sand Garden

sand garden sand

A garden made of sand? In this village near Cardigan, the land is almost entirely sand as a result of a huge glacier that once covered the area. Read on to see how Landworks is making a garden from sand….

sand garden 1 cardigan ceredigion
Inaccessible and awkward to use

This retaining wall is only two metres from the wall of the house. The entire garden needed to be taken further back to give it some perspective and stop the wall dominating the view from the windows.

Sand Garden Cardigan 2
The start

First, the wall came down and we began digging. All the sand had to be removed via a 1m wide passageway at the side of the house to be taken off site.

sand garden 3 cardigan
Starting to shape the garden

Next, we began terracing. What little topsoil there was we put aside to use later.

sand garden cardigan 4

We use whole solid larch sleepers to retain the upper wall of sand. The wall is slightly curved, to add movement and interest to the garden.

Sand Garden 5 Cardigan
Greenhouse area

Shallow steps give an inviting access to this corner, which is now ready for a greenhouse. We moved around 75 tons of sand, one barrow at a time, to build this area. Phase 1 complete! Phase 2 coming soon….

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