Sand Garden 2

Sand garden 2020

2020 was a difficult year, but I was very glad to have an opportunity to visit the Sand Garden in the summer. We completed work on this garden early in 2019.

The Sand Garden (see previous blog entry) was one of the most challenging we ever designed and created, with more practical problems than any other garden. Tons and tons of sand were moved by minidigger and barrow to create the gently sloped paths. The terraces are retained by solid larch timbers. A large soakaway is dug in the centre of the garden to prevent water running down the slopes and washing the sand away.


The paths were made with modular squares laid over heavy-duty landscaping fabric. Next, the modules were filled with 10mm chippings, giving a surface which provides good drainage and excellent grip for feet, wheelbarrows and mobility scooters.

completed sand garden West Wales

A natural stone wall was added to the seating area to give it a different feel. The warmth of the sun is held in the stones for many hours, perfect for those evening glasses of wine while enjoying the view. The completed garden featured a fruit cage, small shed, greenhouse, potting area, vegetable beds, shade beds, grass beds and a herb garden, as well as seating areas on the lower and middle sections, with a glorious arbour at the very top of the garden giving views of the Preseli mountains.

One thought on “Sand Garden 2

  1. This is a beautiful creation. I would love to have something like this and would imagine that it could be developed as a disability garden. The raised beds would be perfect but I wonder how the paths could be altered to provide safe avenues for the walking wounded.


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