An individual approach

Our gardens are built to cope with the unexpected!

Lambs on deck

Your garden is as individual as you are. Whether you want tranquillity to unwind after work, a place for the grandchildren to run riot or a display area for your gnome collection, that’s what we will create for you.

We operate a little differently from a standard garden design business. Because we build the gardens we design, we are working in your garden all day and we become experts on how it works. We can see where the sun shines in the early morning and where the cool shade is on a hot day. We discover the handy places to shelter from cold winds, and the best place from which to view the new features. Because of this we are constantly updating the design to get the best from your garden. Very few people can imagine how their garden will look when they see a plan, so we involve you at every stage of the building works so you can adjust the details to suit you. A garden is not a static thing; it lives, grows and evolves along with you and your family.

We have built gardens for wildlife, for dogs, for chickens, for children, for elderly people and even just for fun. Virtually anything is possible, with enough creativity.

Call us today on 07929 168192 or use our Contact Us form – our imaginative approach will come as a refreshing change.


Dog in bath





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