Working around storm Cristoph

Working in winter in West Wales often involves working in fairly extreme weather, but storm Cristoph added a few extra problems to this garden near Llechryd…. Before the storm arrived, we protected our half-metre-deep trench with extra-large tree pots to prevent it collapsing from the weight of the rain. After the rain had stopped, weContinue reading “Working around storm Cristoph”

Tree planting

January – tree planting time! We are in our second year planting and restoring hedgerows at a 200-year-old farm in Ceredigion. We use bare-root trees a for large-scale planting jobs, as they are lightweight and economical. We are planting a native mix including hawthorn, guelder rose, field maple, rowan, oak, spindle, hazel and hornbeam. TheseContinue reading “Tree planting”