Historic houses

We love an old house. Classic design, mellowed stone and lots of stories. We build gardens to show off the best of your home, making sure it’s in keeping with its surroundings but still perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

300-year-old farmhouse

Old farmhouse garden

This is part of a garden built for a 300-year old house in rural Ceredigion. Natural and reclaimed materials make the garden look as if it has always been here.

Country Cottage

Old farmhouse garden

This house was built during the First World War. We incorporated existing trees and hedges into the design to make a garden that suited the age and location of this lovely house.

Historic building

Grade 2 listed stables

This Grade 2 listed building was the perfect setting for a simple, elegant design that sets off the stunning architecture.

Click on the link below to see how we built this courtyard garden




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