New-build house

New build garden Cenarth patio

A site comprising compacted clay soil, builders’ rubble and shallow pipes – this garden was easy to design but rather more difficult to build….

New Build garden Cenarth 1

The house was in a lovely setting which we focussed on by creating a straight path through the garden from the patio doors. Initially, the eye is drawn to the circular feature, but then the direct path lifts the eye to the view at the end of the garden.

New build Cenarth 2

We used local natural stone to create low-maintenance planting opportunities. Edging rather than fencing at the end of the path provides a boundary for the garden and gives an ‘infinity’ effect – the garden seems much larger than it is as it merges with the view of woods and fields.

New build garden Cenarth 3

The planting wass chosen to provide colour and structure without detracting from the lovely view.

New build garden Cenarth 4

The finished garden featured a home office, bubble fountain, grass-and-gravel garden, salad beds, fern bed and even grapes growing up the wall!