Terraced seaside garden

Terraced seaside garden Aberaeron

Our clients wanted a striking, modern garden to match their new extension. The garden needed to be low maintenance with year-round interest and plenty of informal seating areas. The clients also wanted the garden to feature the sound of running water.

Building a difficult garden 1The first step was building the basic shape. Three terraces made the steep top section of the garden attractive and useable. The basic structure was made of sturdy sleepers and posts, reinforced with steel rods, as the weight of the earth behind the terrace wall was immense.

Building a difficult garden 2

Inspired by the coastal sea defences in Aberarth, we used oak planks to clad the sleeper terraces. These were treated with oil to protect the freshly sawn timber before allowing it to weather naturally to a silver-grey colour.


Building a difficult garden 3

The design features two waterfalls and a curving rill across the three levels, ending in a wildlife pond. The feature required sand, underlay and then pond liner for the rill and wildlife pond. The liner was concealed with rounded river cobbles and pebbles, then finished with rounded shingle.

Building a difficult garden 4

The pond needed a deep sump as the water level drops significantly when the pump is operating. Shelves allow spaces for planting.

Building a difficult garden 4b


Stormy autumnal weather doesn’t stop the team working on the garden

Building a difficult garden 5

The heavy clay soil was compacted and poor-draining. We rotavated in organic matter and topsoil to remedy this, and laying the turf was the last job in the garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe finished garden, first summer.

Building a difficult garden 7

The mature garden, year 2 onwards.