Working around storm Cristoph


Working in winter in West Wales often involves working in fairly extreme weather, but storm Cristoph added a few extra problems to this garden near Llechryd….


Before the storm arrived, we protected our half-metre-deep trench with extra-large tree pots to prevent it collapsing from the weight of the rain.


After the rain had stopped, we were back to work in the mud. We got filthy, the tools got filthy and the mud was so deep we lost a lump hammer without trace!


We were building a half-sleeper boundary wall to honour the Cardi bach railway that once ran along this site. It was opened in 1886 and served small quarries and mines as well as passengers. It was closed in 1963, and only fragments of the original structure still remain.


The structure is ready for some original iron fixings to be added, and local history is commemorated.

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